my name is scott austin, but for close to 15 years i’ve created projects under the oft thorny pseudonym ‘sloppy james’.

i’m an emerging artist & freelance designer – poet and writer.

lately i’ve been gravitating towards doing more collaborative projects as well. i’m learning that it’s a very interesting process seeing all the different sides of different ideas coming together to find its singular strength and balance.

outside of art, i’ve always liked riding my bike, always peddling somewhere. i like to climb hills and i like to coast.
i like to read a little bit about everything, and (9 times out of 10) i’m always down for a chess game.

as far as my moniker goes (since it’s the question that gets asked),

the name started as a joke over dinner:
my friend was making vegetarian Sloppy Joes and i said something like “this really isn’t Sloppy Joes, it’s more like sloppy james.”

a few weeks later i used the name on a poetry project that i had just finished.

since i’m borderline obsessive compulsive about the craftsmanship and content of my work, ‘sloppy james’ is more of an off-kilter oxymoron than anything else, but at the same time since i work in different mediums, i’ve found that ‘sloppy james’ helps to connect everything. and yes, i'm for hire.

thank you for your time.


  • paper
  • prose-poetry
  • graphic design
  • copywriting
  • out of the ordianry ideas
  • (autodidact)
  • worked as a photographer for 9 years.


  • adobe photoshop, illustrator & indesign