collage-sculpture – 'dream bottle (sgraffio is my paradise)'


this particular piece is part of a project that i
immersed myself in for a little over two years.
some said that i had fallen from the planet during
this time, but i was there (in my studio) day and
night working happily on a series of collages that
would eventually evolve into collage-sculptures.
this project was the beginning of my exploration
not only into collage, but more importantly, into
paper, color, concept, placement and pattern.
'dream bottle (sgraffio is my paradise)' is one of
four collage-sculptures that i worked on during this period.
i created each on a bottle that i used as a glass canvas,
and like the greek vases of red or black figures, each bottle
was meant to be rotated to be able to better
understand and view the entire narrative gist or

The first and fourth photos were taken by Michel Dubreuil