‘Rosco-Paulie-Paul Goes To The City’

‘Rosco-Paulie-Paul Goes To The City’ is the original story of an extremely special cat that visits a little girl in new york city, and the fun that ensues in their day of twists and turns.

i wrote this story as a gift for my niece and then enlisted 2 very talented artists and a great editor to help bring the 30 pages to life. it’s part of a trilogy that has never been told before.

together we are:

author – s. james

editor – gina poggi

artist – agueda horn

text layout – eduardo paulo: http://www.eduardopaulo.com/

*art director – s. james

(i decided that it’s probably best to not use the full-moniker ‘sloppy james’ on a children’s book)

*‘art director’ is only being used here for the sole purpose of this work-portfolio.

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